Our Studios

 Jim Wirt of Crushtone Studios, Jim Stewart of Jim Stewart Recording, and Bill DeMarco/Jon Richey of Vuture Studios (audio/video) make up this collective of industry professionals working in facilities comprised of a collection of legendary analog and digital gear. Our goal is to provide you with a superior sounding record, all while providing a comfortable and creative environment.

Communal Gear


AKG 414 (5)
Nuemann TLM103 (2)
Nuemann KM184
Peluso P47
Seinheiser 421 (6)
Seinheiser 441
Seinheiser E604 (4)
Shure SM57 (10)
Shure B52
Shure SM7 (2)
EV B3 Ribbon
Beyerdynamic M500
CAD E70 (2)
CAD d82
Royer R101 (2)
Coles 4038
AEA 88 Stereo Ribbon
Telefunken M80
Telefunken M60 (2)
Custom C12 Tube Microphone
Placid Audio Resonator Type A
Placid Audio Coppertone
Cascade Fat Head Ribbon

Keyboards & Pianos

Yamaha CX Series Baby Grand Piano
Yamaha Electone Organ
Fender Rhodes SeventyThree Piano
Fender Rhodes Mark II Stage Piano
Korg M50 Music Workstation
Moog Etherwave Theremin Standard


Vox AC15
Dr. Z Monza
Yamaha B212
Yamaha G100-112
Fender Super Reverb
Fender Deluxe Reverb
Fender Deluxe Blackface
Fender Super Reverb Blackface
Fender Twin Reverb
Crate GLX1200H
Marshall 14W
Roland Jazz Chorus 120
Oliver Bass Amp
Traynor Custom Special YBA-3 Bass Amp (w/ matching 8×10 cabinet)


Rogers 4pc Vintage Maple Kit (1960s)
Tama Silverstar 5pc Birch Kit
Ludwig 4pc Vintage Maple Kit
Slingerland 14” Vintage Maple Snare (1960s)
Erie 14” Walnut Snare
Ludwig 14” Vintage Aluminum Snare
Fortune Drums 13” Maple Piccolo Snare
Fortune Drums 14” Maple Snare
Fortune Drums 13” Brass Snare (2)
Pearl 14” Sensitone Elite Steel Snare


Martin D28 Dreadnought
Gibson B-12
Alvarez Baritone
Fender Telecaster (2)
Fender Standard Stratocaster (2)
Gibson Les Paul (2)
Fender Jaguar Bass
Fender Jazz Bass
Fender Precision Bass
Gibson Thunderbird Bass
Assorted others