Jim Stewart Recording

Jim Stewart’s control room features Jim’s tried-and-true combination of gear, including a 14-channel Calrec console and several outboard compressors and equalizers, all of which is held together with his CustoMac Quad (4.0GHz) computer.

Jim’s room has access to the main Live Room as well as a private tracking room, which houses a Brentwood (Yamaha) upright piano. There is also a Rhodes Mark II Stage Piano set up in Jim’s control room.

Featured Gear

CustoMac Quad 4.0GHz
Pro Tools 10.3.8
Universal Audio Apollo 8
Universal Audio Apollo 16
Universal Audio Apollo Twin MK II QUAD
Hairball Audio Rev A (Blue Stripe) 1176
Empirical Labs EL8x Distressor
Warm Audio Eqp-Wa Pultec Style Equilizer x2

BAE 1073LB
Vintech 573
CAPI VP26 x6
Calrec Audio S2 14-Channel Tracking Console
Radial Workhorse 8-Channel Api Summing Mixer
MCI-JH-24 2” 24-Track Tape Machine
Studer B-67 ¼” 2-Track Tape Machine