Javier Davis

Javier Davis aka 1800-sos is a multi-genre music Producer & Turntablist. Specializing in The Recording Arts and Sound Design. 
Homeschooled till college, Javier is a graduate of Tri-c’s Recording Arts & Technology program. Through his 3 years of schooling, he has worked on countless jazz, hip hop, rock, & film projects that focused his ear on quality. Working with great talent like Dominick Farinaci, Kim Nazarian, Ernie Krivda, and Terrence Blanchard. Javier started to study Jazz and Musical Composition. Fusing his love for sound design and jazz, he became known for his eclectic sound & taste.
For his Hip-Hop background, he began to express himself through Lil Foul. Writing music and Lyrics to promote creative individuality. Recording local artist & working on their artist development.
Co-producing with Jim Wirt expanded his musical composition skills. Starting by programming synths and drums. This led him to push for larger musical goals.
Genres: Pop, Hip Hop, House, Jazz
Titles: Producer, Hip hop Producer, Programmer, Recording Engineer, Mixing Engineer, DJ
Services: Vocal Production, Music Producing, Instrument Recording, Programming, Music for Film

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